10:40-12:00 Morning Sessions 2

  Session C:

            Chair: Noam Levaot (BGU)

            “Cellular, Molecular and Mechanical Aspects of Bone Biology”

10:40-11:00  Yankel Gabet (TAU) Cannabidiol: break a leg and smoke pot

11:00-11:20  Ron Shahar (HUJI)  The Enigma of Bone Without Osteocytes

11:20-11:40  Noam Levaot (BGU)  A Novel GPCR Regulating Bone Anabolic Functions During Aging

11:40-12:00  Zvi-Bar Shavit (HUJI)  Mechanisms of Toll-Like Receptors Modulation of  Osteoclastogenesis


 Session D:

            Chair: Mickey Kosloff (Haifa Uni.)

            “G-protein coupled signaling – structure and function”

10:40-11:00  Masha Niv (HUJI)   Bitter taste perception and GPCRs

11:00-11:20  Liza Barki-Harrington  (University of Haifa) More than just receptors: downregulation of COX-2 by GPCR-based pepducins

11:20-11:40  Eitan Reuveny (WIS) GIRK channels function from a single channel to animal behavior 

11:40-12:00  Mickey Kosloff (University of Haifa) Deciphering and re-designing interaction specificity in G-protein signaling


Session E:

            Chair: Alon Zaslaver (HUJI)

            ” Plasticity in Neural Systems “

10:40-11:00  Gil Lefkowitz (WIS) Linking genes, development and function of the zebrafish hypothalamus

11:00-11:20  Ami Citri  (HUJI) A transcriptional code for experience-dependent plasticity

11:20-11:40  Galit Ophir (BIU) Encoding social experience within the fly nervous system

11:40-12:00  Alon Zaslaver (HUJI) Reactivating aversive memories induces rapid systemic stress