9:00-10:20 Morning Sessions 1

Session A:

Chair: Michal Horowitz (HUJI) and Yair Shapiro (Ariel and Heller Inst Tel Hashomer)

            “Environmental Physiology: From past to present”

Dedicated in memory of Prof Shlomo Samueloff and Prof Ezra Sohar

09:00-09:20  Yoram Epstein (Sheba Medical Center) A Switch Of Concept About Water Discipline – The 1959  Eilat-Metula March

09:20-09:40  Amir Hadid (Sheba Medical Center)  Modeling Mechanophysiology Of Overuse Injuries Related To Military Medicine

09:40-10:00  Noam Meiri (ARO) Epigenetic transgenerational mechanism underlying high fat diet

10:00-10:20  Michal Horowitz (HUJI)  Heat acclimation memory: do the kinetics of the deacclimated transcriptome predispose to rapid reacclimation and cytoprotection?


Session B:

            Chair: Yael Yaniv (Technion)

            “Cardiac Pacing Mechanisms”

09:00-09:20  Ofer Binah (Technion)  Fabricating biological pacemakers from human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes.

09:20-09:40  Yoram Etzion (BGU)  Atrial fibrillation begets atrial fibrillation – the rodent version 

09:40-10:00  Bernard Attali  (TAU)  The SK4 Ca2+-activated K+ channel is a critical player in cardiac pacemaker

10:00-10:20 Yael Yaniv (Technion)  Synchronization and Desyncronziation of intrinsic clock-like mechanisms in pacemaker cells.