9:00-10:20 Morning Sessions 1


Session A:

            Chair: Ehud Ohana (BGU) and Raz Palty (Technion)

            “Membrane Transoprt Mechanisms and Physiology”

09:00-09:20   Yossi Tam (HUJI)  Modulating Glucose Transport by the Endocannabinoid/CB1 Receptor System

09:20-09:40  Oded Lewinson (Technion) A working enzyme: a movie in HD  

09:40-10:00  Tomer Shlomi  (TAU)  Cancer cellular metabolism at a spatio-temporal resolution

10:00-10:20   Ehud Ohana (BGU) Systemic succinate homeostasis and local succinate signaling control blood pressure and protect against calcium oxalate kidney stones


Session B:

Chair: Yoram Eztion (BGU) and  Yael Yaniv (Technion)

In collaboration with the Israeli Section of the ISHR

            “Frontiers in Cardiac Research”

09:00-09:20  Eldad Tzachor (WIS) Novel strategies for cardiac regeneration

09:20-09:40  Edith Hochhauser (Rabin Medical Center) TLR4 Activation in Heart Following Ischemic or LPS Damage and in patients undergoing CABG

09:40-10:00  Joachim Behar (Technion) Aged –associated pacemaker function

10:00-10:20  Jonathan Leor (Sheba Medical Center)  Targeting cardiac inflammation and regeneration